About Site

If you are looking for cheap Nissan parts, you have come to the WRONG website.
There are many websites selling cheap knock offs... and we are tired of being forced to compete with them.

Also, we are sick of people fishing for prices.
That is not to say we charge more than Nissan's suggested retail price.

Please do your own research on parts and prices before asking us.
We will assist you with sourcing of parts that are hard to obtain in your country.

We ONLY sell at manufacture suggested retail price.

We promise to deliver you the highest quality genuine Nissan parts.
And we promise to get the parts you need, as soon as possible.

Please note that prices of parts shown here are from the past and they vary depending of the time of estimate.
The current prices are yet to be determined until we enquire Nissan.

Lastly but not the least, please note that we require a minimum order of USD2,000 or above.